Balls Be Trippin' EP

by Golden Python

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released October 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Golden Python Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Selfish Fisherman
I cant believe you're still
reminiscing about your old days
watching the pictures burning on your plate
so many different ways to waste your days
we used to stretch time
and all the hours that went by
with all the cheap drugs we could find
let it out
loose it
theirs one way to look upon this
ooh ooh
theirs no way you'll look upon this shit

I can't believe you're still
thinking about your old days
wasting your days, to waste, yeah
your days to waste...
Track Name: Friendz Like Lovies
Sun always gets the side of waves
he creates to keep us from failing.

I've been falling for years now.

Sun always sets the size of days
he creates, to keep us from mornings.

…but never the mornings.

I've seen you write everything they say.
You've seen me wander where all the places are made.
Define who writes the lord, define who writes the lord.

Define who writes the lord and i'll always shake our thoughts to ask us…

Why (are we the only friends we have?)
Track Name: Call It Quits
I thought at first I'd miss it
But I kissed a leave and called it quit
what have we undone with memories
leave me waiting here
leave me waiting
far out, this road s just never ends
anchor down a boat that failed to sail
slowdown, it's faster than I can
track them.

Have faith for wheels
until they stop rolling

I see the trees, noticing they're leaking
It's been leaking at ease.
I feel the seas follow them shifting
shifted appeasing me.
I hear the streets allow me loudly, allow me loudly.